I am a freelance illustrator living in the Los Angeles area. I enjoy creating t-shirt graphics, editorial illustrations, gig posters, and more! If you feel my style would fit your project, do get in touch!

e: julia at sonmisonmi.com
p: +1 608 692 3316


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All works on this site are copyright Julia Sonmi Heglund, unless otherwise noted!


Sisters for the What If? art show in Chicago. August 2011.
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Wilt - personal illusration
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I Heart Huckabees for the Silver Screen Society

Sky castle - personal illustration

Multiplicity for the Power in Numbers art show in Chicago. March 2011.
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Narco Cinema diptych - Themed restaurant commission

The xx illustration for The Hype Machine's 2010 Zeitgeist

Letterpress print for Cloudy Collection, "Bunches, Crowds, Clusters, Piles, and Knots" series
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Website header for Willoh Boutique

Birdy - personal illustration.
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Feelin' Fine - personal illustration

One Man's Mustache is Another Man's Eyebrows - personal illustration.

How to Defrag Your Computer - personal illustration

Chromeo illustration for The Hype Machine's 2009 Zeitgeist

Great Slumber - personal illustration

Garfield's For Dinner - personal illustration

Duh - personal illustration

Strive High - personal illustration

I'm a Dead Texty Designer - personal illustration

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH book plate, for Picture Book Report

Promo card for Hello Voltage custom buttons

Bird King - personal illustration

Doomsday illustration for Faesthetic, vol. 7

Illustration for Funk Rush

Queen of Diamonds illustration for the Black Rock Collective card deck

Card back illustration for the Black Rock Collective card deck

Bird Flurry tiling pattern - personal illustration